After the End…There is Hope

"We are healed of a suffering only by experiencing it in the full" -Marcel Proust (Photo©Skyfeather Studio)

“We are healed of a suffering only by experiencing it in the full”  -Marcel Proust
(Photo: ©Skyfeather Studio)

In the newly released documentary film “After the End- A Journey Through Loss to Hope”(2013), director Andrew Morgan and producer Michael Ross embark on a journey that will take them across the country interviewing those who have lost loved ones. They ask thought provoking questions which delve into how we respond to loss and how we can find hope and strength in the time following. The film documents six people and their stories and also draws on the insights of a grief counselor, a therapist and an educator. Included is archival footage of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross where she offers the advice,“Crying is healthy and relieves you of a lot of pain”.

The film begins with the director Andrew Morgan sharing his story of losing his father in an accident when they were both bicycling together. He expresses that his loss initially made him feel that the world is less safe, that life itself feels heavier and nothing seems innocent anymore. A father relates that after losing his daughter he experienced shock every morning to wake to the realization that she was gone. A mother expresses her inability to at first accept the reality of her loss followed by her struggle to overcome repeatedly reviewing the details surrounding her daughter’s death in her mind. Another grieving father describes his sorrow as “pain unlike anything else I have ever experienced”.

The stories themselves can be painful to hear but it is also healing to have these familiar thoughts and feelings voiced and affirmed. We witness how the creative process emerges from grief when Andrew Morgan mounts his bicycle again to ride in his father’s memory. We see examples of how love and connection carry us forward, not necessarily away from grief but through it in a way that integrates it lovingly into our hearts.

-Singing Luna 1/11/2014

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