How to Help Someone in Mourning

Simple gestures of kindness can mean so much at a time of grief. Today we share a post from “Kirschner’s Korner” as a helpful reminder.

Kirschner's Korner

When a friend or family member loses a loved one, the tragedy presents a powerful opportunity for you to serve as an important source of emotional support. But what exactly should you do? Should you text, email, call, or visit? How often should you make contact? What should you say? Will it be uncomfortable? Will it help? How do you know if your friend or family member wants to hear from you? The purpose of this article is to answer these questions based on my own experience losing a parent, provide comfort to people in a similar situation, and suggest tips to be a good friend or family member to a grieving loved one.


What Happened?
After my father passed away, I felt both heartened and disappointed by the reactions of my close friends and family. In addition to mourning, I wrestled with the confusion I felt over my experiences…

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