The Beautiful Remembrance blog is a creative resource for positive ritual and healing expressions of grief derived from ancient traditions and various world cultures. It may be helpful to anyone experiencing loss or for supporters of those in grief who are seeking information, ideas and community around the emotional expression of sorrow.

In our lives every one of us experiences grief and loss but ironically it is that very connection which can make it so difficult for us to support those in grief. Our witnessing someone in sorrow can bring up our own uncomfortable memories of loss triggering our instinct to run from that pain. Grief is not something to “get over” but rather a transitioning process that we move through. Grief requires time, it needs silence for being with oneself and for being listened to, it may express itself in acting out in wild abandon, and it must have some form of community to hold it lovingly within a sacred space. These elements which are so necessary to help one to process the emotional pain around loss is where we fall short in our modern world.

As a society we tend to have judgement and personal bias around what or who has been lost and the circumstances surrounding that loss which prevents us from being present in supporting those in emotional trauma. The trauma can be represented by the loss of anything that is loved such as a person, animal, object, job, relationship, or home. The depth of grief is measured by how much we loved, depended upon or what that loss may have represented to us on a deeper or symbolic level. For instance the loss of a stuffed toy may not mean much to a parent as they can easily buy another, but for the child that toy may represent a friend, security, the devastating loss of an entire imaginary world. Grief needs to be heard and acknowledged through the context of the one experiencing it.

Through ritual, emotional expression, memorial, community we transition through loss. We can then integrate that which we love into our life experience, into our very beings and have it live on through us.

-Singing Luna


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